absolutely noteworthyFALL KITCHEN STYLING

Before the rush of the holidays begins it’s a good idea to assess what you might need for entertaining and refresh your kitchen storage, invisible and visible. For those who have floating shelves, re-styling them for the fall season is an easy way of updating your kitchen and injecting pizazz. Edit your shelves and style them to be both practical and beautiful


kitchen confidential shelf



Begin with a clean slate and start arranging with the biggest piece in your collection, whether it be a cutting board, a jug, or a large serving platter. Cutting boards and cheeseboards in wood or marble add textural interest.



Always strive to feature a variety of forms and materials. Here we’ve used a black vintage vase with a geometric cut out silhouetted against a marble and wood cutting board. A black and white patterned bowl and marble pepper and salt bowls reinforce the circular forms.


Search your pantry for beautifully packaged sea salt, olive oil or balsamic vinegar and integrate them into the display. Cookbooks, natural bay leaves and garlic buds complete the composition.

kitchen confidential mixmatch shelf

kitchen confidential partyfinds
kitchen confidential bottom shelf